Friday, January 13, 2012


For me, the first two weeks in January are spent in recovery mode from December.  Thank GOODNESS we didn't have to go back to school till the 9th. 

Here's a glimpse of our month:

To start, this fabulous friend came all the way from Idaho to go Black Friday midnight shopping with me (and visit with her AZ relatives I guess...) where we got our kicks out of laughing at the psycho animal instincts that surface in people's behavior on the night of Thanksgiving.  Lots of fun.  People watching is one of my favorite things to do.  I love you my friend, I MISS your guts!

Getting out the tree.  I have to say, every year seems to get a bit easier with the tree.  Race and Witt basically put it up by themselves now.  Lane (knock on wood) hasn't shown any desire to pull the tree down, or climb it (I should write a book called "The adventures of Witten and Spot" but that is another story for another day...), but loves to admire it instead. 

Putting up lights...John ALWAYS looks forward to this (I say this with as much sarcasm possible).  It's like an early birthday present...that's how much he likes it.  But, no matter how much he doesn't like it, he loves working with his biggest helper...

Christmas crafts.  Witten avoids arts and crafts at all costs (he'd rather be outside rolling in some dirt, playing with sharp objects or fire...seriously). When he does participate in crafts, it's usually very rushed, care free, and dare I say, sloppy (his teacher would agree)... so, any time Witten sits down and puts forth some effort into something like a ginger-bread train, we're all smiles and cheering him on!

I made aprons for the boy's school teachers.  Through this project, I quickly realized, yes, I love sewing...blankets.  NOT clothing.  I'm way too linear.  Doing the bunching in the waists practically KILLED me.  I was seriously sweating bullets while I bunched!

Somewhere in the middle of all this, not exactly when, it all blends into one December blur now-a-days, we had an exciting visit to the ER when Witten split his chin open on his day home sick... It's healed up nicely; super glue is an amazing thing.

We baked and painted ornaments.  I always love watching Race's detail.

And made and decorated LOTS of cookies:

We had a birthday party for our Daddy.  You know you're getting old (34) when all the candles in the house don't add up to your number, and still, when all lit, makes the cake look like it's actually on fire.  We love our Daddy.  Looking at all these pictures makes me once again realize with so much gratitude, that despite how busy he is, John is still so active in our family life.  Happy Birthday Hubby.

We sang a lot...

Race and Witt had their school concerts.  They both worked very hard and did fabulous.

(click to see better)

Service.  My favorite part.  Grandma Sara borrowed Race and Witt on separate days to take them "angel shopping" for other kids, and to do meals on wheels for the elderly.  It was so special.  Thank you Grandma Sara.

Despite our busy-NESS this December, I so enjoyed my quiet moments of prayer and meditation.  I would sit up at night, by the lighted tree with my cup of cocoa, after the kids were tucked in.  I would nestle in my little corner of the couch with a blanket and a book and think of our blessings.  Our daily blessings, along with the out-pouring of love shown to us by others.  Countless, selfless acts of kindness that sometimes I wonder "why? why would someone do something so amazing for us?  for me?"  I cried many tears of joy, humility, and gratitude this December.  Words, no matter how much I love to use and indulge in them, can't describe the true gratitude in my heart for my Savior and the goodness that is still so present in this crazy world. 

This December, my kids witnessed many miracles.  Acts of kindness and service. Sometimes done by them, sometimes for them.  I'm so grateful for those teachable moments.  When I could say, "Look, look what someone did for us.  Now, let's go and do for others." 

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What can be better than a month of fun and family?