Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas Morning

A good friend of ours gave an amazing talk in church early in December.  It was about giving good gifts.  Gifts like service, gifts that are simple.  It was beautiful.  John really took it to heart and cleaned out the garage!  He made a few gifts for the boys this year. 

Exhibit A, the sled:  We've had John's old rusted, broken sled hanging in our garage, well since the day we moved in eight years ago.  So, he shined it up and replaced the wood.  And it hasn't snowed all January, so we have yet to try it out.  But it sure is beautiful.
Exhibit B, an elf's workbench.  An elf retired this year at the North Pole and donated his workbench to a good little engineer at our house.  Yep, if you were to buy one of these, it would cost about $300.  Ours was made out of recycled garage junk.  No cost.  And my house has stayed a little cleaner too.  Witten now has a work center out in the garage and I haven't stepped on a screw, found grease in the carpet and random broken objects laying around.  It was a win win! 

Witt's Christmas:  Tools and a workbench

Race's Christmas:  telescope, paints, and a Wii game

Lane's Christmas: Trains

Okay, they were spoiled this year.  I loved having Christmas on Sunday.  I loved getting up and going to church before opening presents.  It just made the day so much more special, and I need to remember this in years to come.  Race and Witten didn't complain once and showed amazing patience.  Lane...well, could you blame him?? 

I love Christmas, I love these magical years when the boys are all young and all still believe in the magic.   It's going by too quickly; they're growing up too fast. 

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Laurie Freeman said...

awesome work bench john!