Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mutton Bustin'

John's Dad has been running the Payson Rodeo for 30 years.  John grew up around rodeo, he even did some bull riding when he was younger...something I've kept secret from Witt for obvious reasons. . .

  The last weekend in May we took the boys over to Payson because Grandpa signed them up for Mutton Bustin' at the Rodeo.  What's Mutton Bustin' you ask?  Sheep riding.

I was nervous for two reasons:
  A.  I knew Witt would like it a little too much.  Plus, he's not even 5 yet and you're supposed to be.  But  somehow the rules got bent for him. . .
  B.  I knew Race would hate it; it's loud, dirty, wearing a big tight face mask. . . need I say more?

Mom, Dad and Tanner came over the hill, Jenn and Little Logan came down the mountain, and our fabulous friends Vanessa and Adam came with their little guy too.  It was soooo much fun and the boys couldn't wait to ride.  And I just couldn't wait for it to be over.

Witt is just a little too excited. . .not sure how I feel about that.

 Uncle Michael helping Race find a helmet.  Nobody there realized how huge this was for Race, to put on a helmet; and especially since he had to try on like ten of them before they found one that fit.  He was amazing, I was so proud of him.

 Race and cousin Haley waiting for the cowboys to take them to the chutes.  Again, this was huge.  It was dark, loud, and I couldn't go with them.  It was big for all of us.

And yes they did it.  Both of them held on for about five seconds.  They were so brave and had so much fun.  And I cheered insanely loud, because this was such a growing moment.  Who would have thought that such a moment could come at the dirty, stinky rodeo, but it did.  It was so neat to see my little four year old Witt want to be so big, and it was so neat to watch Race step out of his comfort zone willingly.  I looked up at the hundreds of people watching them and thought, if only they knew what a step this was, how big this was.  Yep, I cried at the rodeo.

Forgive my horrible old camera that doesn't like the dark or far distances, but this is Witt doing something he is now, totally in love with, and can't wait to do it again:

Here they are getting their buckles and awards afterward.

And here's a picture of a complete stranger I got off the Internet to show you what it would have looked like with a better camera, pretty cool hu:

So I was right, and I was wrong. . . Witt did like it a little too much.  He can't wait to do it again.  Race liked it too and said he had fun, but he's going to have to think about doing it again, because the sheep smelt bad.

So here's my guys after they finished.  Go ahead, ask me, why is Witt crying if he liked it so much??  Well, he's ticked because he didn't win, and he didn't want to ride a big fluffy sheep, he wanted to ride a big horned sheep. . . go figure. 


Tar Heel Freemans said...

what a cool experience! my kids would never be brave enough

Michelle said...

how neat! i can just picture you cheering :) haha