Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Witten (aka: Little Critter)

Have you ever thought that you or someone you know, has so many of the same qualities as a literary character?  Well, I made a discovery in the past few weeks of my dear, sweet, hilarious, fun, adorable, creative, smart (stubborn, ornery,  rough and tough, demanding, hot tempered) son Witten. 

Yes, I live with Little Critter.  What's so fun is that these are some of Witt's favorite books (if you haven't read them, they are a MUST for kids).  Is it because he's so much like him?  Dare I put the label on the kid?  I think I just have to face the reality on this one.  Gotta love him.

What literary character do you know? (or even better...who are you?)


Adriane said...

Ha! Great comparison for little Whit...too cute.

You already know my answer friend....Elizabeth Bennett...all the way. Although, I've got a little Hermione in me too. And probably a little Eowyn when I feel like saving the world. When I read the American Girl books (do you remember those?), I always wanted to be Samantha, and I think I WAS that prim and proper when I was a child...what happended?!

You remind me a little of Nancy Drew (always on the look for an adventure), Katie Bell (the awesome Quidditch player in HP...wonder why? ha!), and Margret Dashwood, the little sister in Sense and Sensibility, (because of your instoppable imagination).

Ahhh, it's always fun to put ourselves as characters out of a book, isn't it?!

Adriane said...

Post edit: Spelling corrections for this English graduate: "happened" and "unstoppable"

Brooke said...

My Ainsley is Ramona Quimby all the way. . .