Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bell Trail

It's kind of strange how two weeks ago we were up playing in feet of snow and now we're hiking like it's Spring.  We took the opportunity of having our Daddy home yesterday to get out and hit the trails with the Bleak's.  The boys had a blast adventuring down Bell Trail.

 This picture doesn't capture how beautiful it really was.  I was so proud of Race and Witt, we probably covered about a mile all together and they LOVED it.  Witten was the designated Trail Boss.  He stayed in the front and just kept on going, pointing out cool things to everybody.  Race brought up the rear half the time, getting sidetracked looking at things; the other half was spent making sure Witten wasn't getting too far ahead and keeping him safe from the "Great Outdoors".  What a great big brother.  I'm so excited that Scouting is right around the corner for us!

 I love my friend Laura. 
 When Lane first picked this up, you haven't seen me run so fast.  I honestly thought it was a snake....yes, I know, a snake in January, I didn't hear the end of it from John...but hey, I had my Super mommy glasses on; somebody's got to make sure these boys survive to adulthood...somehow.
 When John and I first moved here (before we had kids) we hiked all over the Verde and the Red Rocks of Sedona.  It really is a great , amazing place for hiking.  So different from the terrain I grew up around; it's a very exciting place with it's majestic, rugged rocks.  We used to hike this trail all the time, ALL the way in to the cliffs (probably about an 8 mile round trip?  I'm totally guesstimating that.)  And yes, we used to jump off the cliffs into the pools back in those days.  Something you wouldn't catch me doing today...

We were just in awe at the idea of hiking this trail 3 kids later...who would have thought. 
 And I still love the guy more than anything...three kids later.

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Adriane said...

Love the Bell Trail...I think it was the first one J and I hiked when we moved here...so beautiful...and I think 8 miles would be about right to the pools/cliffs and back...ohhh, we totally need to get a "girls only" hike going sometime!!

Glad you guys (and gals) got to enjoy the day off!