Friday, October 15, 2010


Race came in from playing outside yesterday crying with a blue nose.  Yep, a big ol' instant bruise across the bridge of his nose.  "What happened?!!" 
"Witten's shovel!" 
Witt came crying behind him.  "It was an accident Mom, we were just estavating."
"What were you doing?  Did you hit your brother with a shovel?"
"No Mom, we were just ESTAVATING! It was an accident."
"What were you doing?"
" know like digging holes for the army."
"Ya, and it was an accident."

So, here's the boys EXcavating today; safety harnesses and all.

And Race's nose is pretty banged up from the day before...but as far as they're both concerned, it was an accident....hmmm.....

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Brooke said...

I am pretty impressed he even knew the word! My kids blow me away when they start talking like adults. I mean I don't dummy stuff down for them, but it still blows my mind away.

Funny story about learning words. Isaac read the word Dew. I asked him if he knew what Dew meant.
He said "sure. Like, I do something."
I told him this spelling meant Dew on the morning grass.
He said "oh you mean like do-do"
I wanted to die laughing.

Seriously Teddy what would we do without our kids to entertain us?!

Side-note. I LOVE they are harnessed in :)