Monday, August 30, 2010

Safari Man says it's a Skink

Witten is quite the outdoors man.  He is so outdoorsy that he has named himself Safari Man.  I couldn't tell you where he came up with it.  But take a look at him with his Safari Jeep.  He's quite proud. 
Today Safari Man went out to count the cicada exoskeleton's on the wall (he'll tell you all about them), and discovered one cicada in the process of shedding his exoskeleton.  He was so fascinated.
A few minutes later, he came running in the house saying he found a skink! 
"You mean a skunk Witt?  If you found a skunk you better stay away from it!" 
"No mom, a SKINK" 
"A skink, what do you mean a skink?" 
If you don't know what a skink is, here's a picture of ours; you can ask Safari Man to tell you all about them too!  And yes, they really are called skinks. 

1 comment:

Brooke said...

How the heck did he know it was a SKINK?! Smarty pants :) And a mighty fine lookin' safari man I might add!