Friday, August 20, 2010

Crawdad Fishing

The boys have been asking and asking to go to the Haddon's for crawdad fishing.  We had such a great time!  Judy and Perry are the best, the world needs more people like them.  They had friends visiting from Mexico, so John loved the opportunity to converse in Spanish with them.  The boys absolutely love Brother Haddon; he is great with Race.  Thank you Judy and Perry for such a special evening!  And of course, a huge thanks from me because Judy, your cooking rocks!

We started with this...
And ended with this!  Around 150 yucky, pinchy, crawly things.  I wouldn't pick them up.  Race tried a few times, and Witt wouldn't think of it; no way was he touching one of those.  Which was funny because he's always catching lizards and toads, praying mantises, and other creepy crawly things around the yard.  Anyway, one crawdad tried to take on Judy, thought he was big and tough. Another tried to sneak into John's pants; I haven't seen John move so fast in a few years.  But yes ladies and gentlemen, he's still quick, just like he was 23 again. 

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