Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thinking of Home

John and I took a quick trip up back up the mountain for a dear friend's funeral.  I've been needing to go back (for the funeral and to see my good ol' high school getting repaired)  One too many unexpected events.  And as usual, when I come back to our home, so much reflection and thinking takes place.  I've been looking through old pictures, trying to find some to send to Julie, and in the process, crying, laughing, and just being so thankful for my life.  I'm so grateful that I grew up where I did.  I'm so grateful for the roots I have in that small town, for the people who had positive influence in my life.  It's the place that carries so many memories, it's the place I found my testimony, it's the place I ran probably most the streets of, it's the place that made   I love you RV, see you in another year. 
This was the way my house looked as a kid.  The big tree out front isn't there anymore.  We used to swing out of that tree into the road.  It's so sad to see it without that tree.  It's so sad seeing someone else living in the house.  It kind of makes me think of that new song.... When I drive by now, I can't help but see Daddy working in the yard, Mom through the living room window, reading a book on the couch; Annell playing the piano, I'm out jumping on the tramp...dreaming; Tyrrell's drawing one of his inventions, Tanner's crawling around by Mom, and Bandit's laying by the tramp watching me jump.  I love this house.

These are my dear dear friends the Bosen girls when they graduated.  It was their dad, Todd, who passed away and we went up to the funeral.  He was an amazing man.  This family has done so much for me.  I love you girls.

Daddy and Todd on the Trek in 2000.  Two great men.

My John helping Todd put up his Christmas lights in I think 2001

This was our State Champion 4x8 team.  We were so awesome, these girls meant so much to me.  Michelle, Dustin, and Kimmy.  They taught me so much! 

Janice, Leah, me, Sarah, and Michelle during the trek 2000.

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Dustin said...

I wish I would have been able to go up for the funeral. There is no better family than the Bosens. I loved looking at all the old pictures. Bonnie posted some on facebook from track as well. Those were great days!