Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Witten!

Witten is 4! 
Where has all the time gone?  Our little fireman (it's what he wants to be when he gets big) had the funnest party ever; he'll remember it forever. 

Thank you Grandma Sara for the Slip-n-Slide,  Witten and friends had a blast!  We did it ALL DAY LONG, and the next day too!  I haven't been slip n sliding in years...after the party I tried it out a few times, and today my body's in recovery mode. 

Thank you Nanna and Papa for bringing the hoses; and for all the love and support you give us.  You're the best, I'm so glad you live close. 

Thank you Kira for making the AMAZING cake.  Witt was speechless!  What a special gift, and it was a total hit!

Nobody wanted to cut into it, it was so beautiful; but Daddy finally did.

Thank you Firefighters for your guest appearance!  The kids loved it!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for all you do for the community!  We have the best firemen around!

What a perfect day.  Thank you to all the friends that came; Witt is still talking about it.  Witten, you're so blessed to have so many people who love you!

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Tar Heel Freemans said...

what a blast! that cake is amazing!