Saturday, May 29, 2010

This is Little Lane.  He's getting so big and always soooo cute.   My friend Natalie took the picture.  She's also the one who took our Christmas pictures; very talented gal!  Thanks Nat! 


Judy Haddon said...

Hi Teddy, Love your blog. The bowling sounds so much fun. Sorry I missed church today but had to stay home and take care of Perry. He is feeling crummy after his gall bladder surgery. He felt GREAT the first day, pretty good yesterday morning, then it went downhill, which is to be expected. But I think he thought he would bypass all that and just get well immediately. Poor baby.
Love, Judy

Melis said...

Teddy. It's Melissa (Pond). I saw your link on Michelle's blog. I love seeing your cute, cute boys! Very Handsome indeed. Keep blogging, I want to keep up. Mine is private but I will send you invite if you will send me your email.

My address is