Saturday, May 10, 2014

She Chose Us

I was not an easy kid to raise.

There are times when I'm crying and complaining to my mom about something the boys did, and she just laughs...
Because she'd been through it all with me 25 years earlier. And what goes around, really does come around. :)

When I was a teenager, like most, I knew everything, and my parents knew very little. It's funny how it works that way, because now I call my mom with every little bump in the road because she's the smartest lady I know.

But I remember being that know-it-all teenager, when our family was sitting down for dinner one night. And I can't remember what we were eating, but all of a sudden, Dad began to choke. And after a few moments the choking got worse. It was not the kind of choke that passes after you get your airways clear. He was REALLY choking and he couldn't breath. And whatever was down there was blocking his airways.

He walked himself over to the sink, and it was getting more scary. Annell started crying and Tyrrell and I sat petrified. And Mom, instantly knew what to do- she didn't even hesitate. My mom, who is the same height as me, about 5'7", was like Superwoman as she picked my dad up from behind somehow and did the Heimlich. And if you know my dad, you know he's a big guy. But my mom- it was like she had superpowers. And Dad was OK after that.

And still today I remember looking at my mom in awe. And I remember thinking- she can do anything:

My mom grew up on a ranch. She was a cowgirl, and has always worked hard at everything I've seen her do. She has always been one tough lady. She can ride horses like a pro, and whistle louder than anyone I know. That is how she called us kids home when we were young, and my son Witten has a goal to whistle like his Nanna.

My mom was the only mom on the street who could ride a unicycle. She was amazing! I would try and try and always got way too scared to be successful at it. My mom is brave.

She can build a house from the ground up.

She cans food and grows beautiful gardens.

She's flown planes, skydived, and scuba dived. She's been a dispatcher, police officer, and traveled the world. She has a masters degree and is a teacher.

My mom taught us the importance of education, and we got to see her graduate college. She instilled in us a love for reading and stories, and when she's at home she always has a book in her hand and now-a-days a kindle. :)

She taught us to choose the right, and to always work hard. And that it was more important to be smart than popular, and to never care what people think when you're doing the right thing.

So, I remember standing there, watching her take care of my Dad in the kitchen, and calming us kids at the same time, and I remember thinking- my mom can do anything... and she chose us. She chose to be our mom! She chose to take care of all of us, and Daddy too.

I would dance around the house when I was young, lost in my imagination. Dreaming big dreams, and wishing for greatness. I would want to be a singer one week, a veterinarian another, a movie star another, a movie director, a writer, journalist, physical therapist, athlete, nurse... and I would tell Mom about my future plans and she would always tell me, "Teddy, you can be whatever you set your mind to. And I know you will."

And looking back now, I know she was right. Because she could have been all those things too. And she was. But ultimately, she chose us- she chose to be a mom. And she inspires me. On days that are hard; when money is tight, or the kids are fighting, or Race had a major melt down, or I just feel alone- my mom inspires me. Because I know I can be brave, and be tough as nails, and smart, and beautiful, and have superpowers. I can be all those things and be a mom.

Just like her.

I love you MOM!


Laurie Freeman said...

what a beautiful post!!

Amy lafleur said...

Beautiful Teddy
You are an Amazing lady