Sunday, February 23, 2014

Forever Jedi

To Mr. Chad.
You will be forever missed
until we meet again.
You will forever be our Jedi.

Our Jedi.
You made the boys see what they wanted to be. You were quick with a sword and light on your feet. You respected and gave knowledge and confidence to your padawans. You taught them about honesty, respect, and friendship.

Our teacher.
You demanded the best from the boys, but they always knew how much you loved them.

Our hero.
You showed the boys that there really are super heroes. And they really do climb walls and fly through the air. That they rescue the weak and stand up for truth and justice.

Our friend.
It didn't matter if there were hundreds of people in a room: You would get down on one knee, eye level with the boys, talk, and listen. They were important to you.
 It didn't matter if we were at the studio, or at the store: you would throw them over your shoulder and spin them around till you were all sick with laughter.

We love you Mr. Chad.
May the Force be with you.

This was Race and Mr. Chad, October 2011.

We know we will see you again one day Mr. Chad. We know you live on. So until that day, your padawans will carry on the things you have taught.


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful Teddy!
-Master Conover

Anonymous said...

That is awesome Teddy you made me cry all over again.
-Holly Newberry

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Although I did not know Chad, I've heard much these past days, from so many parts of my life. He was a part of many folks' lives, it seems. You pictures and tribute made me cry. Hugs!! to you all
Love you much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that touching and it means so much. you are a wonderful person and I'm sure Chad felt the love from your family.


Adriane said...

Beautiful words for an extraordinary person. You can tell how much the boys loved and admired him. Thanks for sharing :)