Monday, January 20, 2014

Tae Kwon Do State Champ in the House!

Check Race out! His bow staff skills stole the show and he won state! He was so inspiring to watch. He brought his own Daddy to tears (and I haven't screamed so much in a long time). We have a State Champ in our house, people.

Witt did so amazing also! He got second in sparring and third in weapons with his nun-chuck routine. He is such a good little athlete, and he is so competitive... takes after both parents in that department.

And yep, I got second... by one point in overtime to a gal I've beat before! Yea, I was a little upset, but, it was a great match... next time, I'm gonna beat her.
We love TKD!

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Laurie Freeman said...

way to go! my kids were very impressed!