Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Stowaway

A few mornings ago I heard a cry for help coming from the boy's room, and when I walked in I found this...

A stowaway aboard Witt's pirate ship. Witt was tired of Lane interrupting his pirate scene, so decided to make him apart of it instead.

And I had to laugh because instantly I was thinking of being a kid and my sister and brother tying me to the bunk bed... where I waited until my parents got home, which was a couple hours I'm sure. At least it felt like a couple hours in my little kid mind. I know, poor me right? :) Never mind what I did to get in the situation anyway.

But the point is, apparently it is hereditary to tie up siblings when they're being pests.


Sarah said...

Poor Lane!
I see the Dread Pirate Witten made use of his nice church belt for the purpose of tying the prisoner's arms. Nice touch.

tyrrell said...

HAHA nice. I remember that... I don't remember what you did either, but, I'm sure you deserved it!