Friday, March 29, 2013

Lucky Copper Penny

Witt won Grand Champion at the Tournament a few weeks ago for his nunchuck routine. He was amazing!!! We are so proud of you, Cowboy!!

Lucky Copper Penny

I'm so glad for the moments when you shine
because I know sometimes you feel left in the shadows. 
I hope you always remember those shining moments
because they are your moments
and you deserve them.

I know you get frustrated.
I know it sometime stinks being the middle kid.
I know it's not easy being the "big" brother to your big brother sometimes.
I know it's hard to reason with him as you try getting him to see things your way.
But I'm so glad you keep trying.

I know playing with him is sometimes difficult,
when you call him outside to climb trees and play in the dirt, and wrestle on the trampoline.
I know it's confusing to you 
why some days he just can't handle those things.
But I'm so glad you keep trying.

I have seen the hurt in your eyes time and time again.
When I had to grab his hand in the parking lot and not yours
or you have to tag along sometimes while we take him to therapy 
or I have to drop you off somewhere so I can take him where he needs to go
or when I have to deal with his melt down before your hurt feelings.
...I am so sorry.
But I'm so glad we keep talking about it.
And I'm so glad you tell me.
And I pray that you always will.

I'm so grateful for our "date nights". 
When it's just you and me
for our talks and our jokes
for the way you try to understand the world around you
for how tough you are, but also sensitive too.
Your strength amazes me
you're my breath of fresh air.

I'm so glad you're a fighter
and stubborn too.
For your adventurous spirit.
You're my little Huck Finn.

I'm so glad you're his brother.
I'm SO blessed you're my son.
God hand picked you for the job.

You shine every day
my Lucky Copper Penny.

Written for the Cowboy, by his Mama

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