Monday, June 7, 2010

Legos and Noses don't go Together

This is one of those stories I love to read about and laugh, never dreaming it would actually happen to one of my kids.  But it did...Just when I think life can't get more exciting...yes, Witten stuck a Lego up his nose. Actually Race and Witt stuck legos up their noses (a brother bonding moment?), but John was able to get Race's out.  He saw Witt's was a little too far up so went to find something to fish it out with; when he came back, Witt had his finger clear up his nostril, trying to fish it out saying, "I can't get it out Daddy!  It's stuck!"  John took a look, and couldn't see a thing...

After 3 days of doctors and deciding what to do (plastic doesn't show up on x-rays), Friday we went to the hospital in Payson for the ENT, Dr. Zenouski to retrieve the Lego.  When we pulled into the hospital, Witten looked around at all the cars and said very seriously and confused, "Do all these people have Lego's up their noses?"  I'm pretty sure the kid will never stick another one up his nose again.

So yes, Witt was put under anesthesia, got a little loopy with the stuff too.  He was saying the funniest things!  One of the nurses made the comment to never let this kid have alcohol when he gets older...don't worry, we won't. 

This is Witt after they gave him some loopy medicine, saying, "those are beautiful trashcans."

I'm not kidding, he's actually saying, "Luke, I am your father!"  We just watched "Empire Strikes Back" this week, Race is into Star Wars right now.

So, all that drama and you guessed it, no Lego in the nose.  But it had been there.  The doctor said he must have swallowed it or something.  Witt's nose is a bit sore from the Lego itself and the the procedure.  What an exciting day...what a long day.  After all the frustration, anxiety, worry and praying, I am finally laughing about it.  He's back to his funny exciting little self.  Gotta love that kid!


Annell said...

Didn't you stick something up your nose too?!? What was it? I'm having memory lapse, but I'm pretty sure it was you. Oh well, like mother like son! :)

Tar Heel Freemans said...

hey! i was just thinking about you yesterday! how funny! i can not believe how big your kids are---and that you have three---i had no idea! 3 boys!! i just had to laugh--you poor thing--but they are all so cute. so we will be out there next wed. to the following wed. we need to all get together. i can't wait to see you guys!!!!